Race Results of last Weekend (24-25 October)

Snowdonia Marathon

Polar Circle Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon


There is one race in the world which all long runners must run at least once in their life! The New York Marathon, the most popular runner event you can imagine is going to start in a week. It's a runner's party, where forty thousand hearts run in union with only one objetive, challenge the limits of their owns bodies with the purpose of beating themselves. All starts the race with the knowlegde that they aren't going to be the winners of it, but when you finish, your feel like the first once, and the reward is your own happiness by your effort.

People from more then one hundreds nationalities goes to New York to run this Marathon.One photo is in the mind of everyone who loves this distance, the photo that show oneself crossing the Verrazano bridge or the Central Pak, where you start to savour the glory of the victory againts yourself.

It has been won by many proffesional runners. Paul Tergat, Hendrick Ramaala, Gomez dos Santos or Paula Ratcliffe. Actually the records of the race are, in men Tesfaye Jifar (2001- 2h 07:43), and in women Margaret Okayo (2003, 2h 22:31)

Many calebrities have run it too. Lance Armstrong, Katie Holmes, Shannon Miller, Tom Cavanagh, or Patt Diddy are some of them.

Good luck to all these braves hearts that will take the exit of the race.


Principe de Asturias Sport Award to Yelena Isinbayeva

Today, in Oviedo(Spain), is going to be delivered the Principe de Asturias Awards. One of this, the sports one is going to the russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeba. With out any dubt, this is one of the awards that generates all years discussions about the election of the winner. Instead, this is a strange year, because it seems that all people are agree with the wisdom of the choice. Yelena is an athlete with enough honor and charisma ti atrack the attention of athletic followers, and whose sport and human achivements make her worthy of any awards.

As we know, Isinbayeva is a pole volter, who has 10 years at the athletic top, and it consider ther best pole volter in the history. She has a lot of world records. In 27 occasions she has managed to overcome the human limits, come up a little to the heaven.

She is the heiress of the great Sergei Bubka, and both have the privilege of be the proponents of minor athletic discipline, because pole volt, in the past, did´t have the enough attention of the public, who preffer other athletic dicipline like the 100 meters, or marathon. What they have achieved, is put pole volt in the top of the athletic disciplines, one of all that people don´t want to lost.

In hers particular showcase highligths two Laureus Awards to the best woman athlete (2007 and 2009) and three selections as the best athlete of the year by the IAAF (2004, 2005, 2008).


World Championships

2005 Helsinki World Championships 1ª 5,01m
2006 Athenes World Cup 1ª 4,60m
2007 Osaka World Championships 1ª 4,80m

Indoor World Championships

2004 Budapest Indoor World Championships 1ª 4,86m
2005 Madrid Indoor World Championships 1ª 4,90m
2006 Moscú Indoor World Championships 1ª 4,80m
2008 Valencia Indoor World Championships 1ª 4,75m

Olympic Games
2004 Athenes 1ª 4,91m
2008 Beijing 1ª 5,05m

Europe Championships
2006 Goteborg 1ª 4,80m

There is only one black point in her carrer, de desqualification in past World Championships in Berlin (2009) in which whe made three unsuccessful attempts, but a few days later she set off this fault, making a great World record in Zurich meeting whit 5.06 meters

World Records

4,82m (Gateshead, 13 Jul 2003)
4,87m (Gateshead, 27 Jun 2004)
4,89m (Birmingham, 25 Jul 2004)
4,90m (Londres, 30 Jul 2004)
4,91m (Atenas, 24 Aug 2004)
4,92m (Bruselas, 3 Sep 2004)
4,93m (Lausana, 5 Jul 2005)
4,95m (Madrid. 16 Jul 2005)
4,96m (Londres, 22 Jul 2005)
5,00m (Londres, 22 Jul 2005)
5,01m (Helsinki, 12 Ago 2005)
5,03m (Roma, 11 Jul 2008)
5,04m (Mónaco, 29 Jul 2008)
5,05m (Pekín, 18 Aug 2008)
5,06m (Zurich, 28 Aug 2009)

4,83m (Donetsk, 15 Feb 2004)
4,85m (Atenas, 20 Feb 2004)
4,86m (Budapest, 6 Mar 2004)
4,87m (Donetsk, 12 Feb 2005)
4,88m (Birmingham, 18 Feb 2005)
4,89m (Liévin, 26 Feb 2005)
4,90m (Madrid, 6 Mar 2005)
4,91m (Donetsk, 12 Feb 2006)
4,93m (Donetsk, 10 Feb 2007)
4,95m (Donetsk, 16 Feb 2008)
4,97m (Donetsk, 15 Feb 2009)
5,00m (Donetsk, 15 Feb 2009)

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Races from October 26th to November 1st

Marathon and Half Marathon of Manchester City (England)

Maratón, Media Maratón y 10km de Bromölla (Sweden)

Alger International Marathon (Algerian)

New York Marathon (USA)

Raleigh Marathon (USA)

Auckland Marathon (New Zeland)

Vollmond Lauf Half Marathon (Germany)

Oldenburg Half Marathon(Germany)

Süderelbe Half Marathon (Germany)

Lavaux Nordic-Walking Event (Germany)

39 Winterserie (Germany)

Legends of Lough Key 10Km (Ireland)

10K Pumpkin Run (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire - England)

HALLOWEEN BOTTOMS UP 2009 (Preston, Lancashire - England)

Barns Green Half-Marathon
(Horsham, West Sussex - England)

Eddie's 25th Lochaber Half-Marathon
(Fort William, Highland - England)

Marlow Half-Marathon (Marlow, Buckinghamshire - England)

Stevenage Half-Marathon (Stevenage, Hertfordshire - England)

Most important races in Spain

II Mountain Half Marathon Isla de Ibiza (Ibiza * 21,097)

Carrera Solidaria BBVA (Madrid * 10km)

XXVI Villaverde Half Marathon (Madrid * 21,097km)

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